Northern Virginia and Shenandoah Valley Photographer

Capturing Memories

Well hello there! I'm Kayleigh, the girl behind the lens!

I found photography in 2018 after a car accident. I dove into learning and exploring headfirst and took my camera with me everywhere I went. I became obsessed with documenting life and relationships between people. I'm passionate about capturing families in their natural environment; playing and loving each other. Pets hold a special place in my heart and I'm fanatical about photographing their special personality and bond with the family.

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Photo by Ashley Miller

Photo by Ashley Miller

It is my honor and great gift in life to be able to help create little moments and then capture them forever. Especially given the crazy times we live in, you never know when a photograph will become a treasured memory.

My sessions are very laid back and casual, with very little pressure. I know how crazy and stressful it can be with children and getting everyone ready, as well as pressure moms are under to have the family all clean and acting their best. I am here to help you relax and just enjoy our hour together. I will help you in outfit selection and deciding a color scheme. Because I thrive on chaos and love being playful, I can help take the pressure and stress off of moms to keep children calm and collected. The more we play and laugh, the better your images will be. I love to capture playing and motion of children as well as big gummy smiles from babies. We will focus on getting the typical smiling poses, but also spend a lot of time with candid photos and genuine interaction. My favorite thing is to direct and create a playful environment where children can be themselves and enjoy their time in front of a camera instead of being shy and intimidated by me. I've found that when I'm able to play and connect to the children, they forget about the scary camera and just have fun!

A specialty that I focus on that not many others do is pet end of life sessions. I lost my heart dog in 2023. I'd done quite a few end-of-life sessions for other dogs and so knew I wanted one for my girl as well. I'm so grateful that I was able to do so and have beautiful memories of the special bond I had with my Kenzie. These sessions are the hardest, but most beautiful kind I do. They are very calm and mostly just me following your dog around, and then having you cuddle together and interact just like usual. I want to be sure to show the connection and affection between you and your dog. For these sessions, I will drop everything and schedule when you need it, as I understand things can happen in the blink of an eye and there may not be much time left. I haven't had a single end-of-life pet session where we didn't leave crying but also happy that we were able to meet. Also called rainbow pet sessions, these can be some of the most meaningful photoshoots I have, and I'm so grateful to be able to give this gift to families and their amazing dogs.

I am available for all of your life's little moments. Please reach out to me with any questions, I look forward to meeting you!

A couple fun things about me:

  1. I am a HUGE pet lover. I learned a lot about photography by going to the SPCA and taking photos for the shelter to find homes for their animals. I have two cats (Nero and Nugget) and one dogs (my bulldog Lulu) and love squishing them!
  2. My favorite smell is laundry soap, but I LOATHE doing laundry. I instead buy a ton of clothes so I don't have to do laundry as much!
  3. I live up in the woods in Clarke County and love the seclusion. It can be a pain when we don't have any food delivery services though!
  4. I love to travel and my husband and I go on mini-vacations as often as we can. My favorite thing is finding a historic B&B and visiting historical sights around the area. I've been to Scotland, Italy, Bahamas, and Fiji and I can't wait to see more of the world.
  5. My husband, son, and stepchildren are my favorite people. They are all so fun and sassy, and make me laugh non-stop!
  6. I love to read. It is my goal to get floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and fill them up with books I've read and loved throughout my life.