Dog End-of-Life Sessions

Dog session with senior lab in Clarke County Virginia, close up of dog looking up at mom with river and sunset behind
Puppy photography Winchester Virginia, white and brown bulldog plays with a stick with bum in the air on the grass
Dog photography in Winchester Virginia, white spotted great dane smiles at camera with large tongue hanging out
Dog photography Boyce Virginia, mom kisses dog on forehead in the snow, senior dog photography
Dog photography Shenandoah River Virginia, black lab bleps by sticking out tongue next to river
Dog photography Middletown Virginia, man hugs senior dog closely while looking at him and dogs tongue out
Snowy dog photography in Clarke County Virginia, close up of dog looking at camera with grey whiskers
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Joy, Rainbow, Honor, Memory, Silver or End-of-Life Sessions

Losing Kenzie, my heart dog, in 2023 taught me the priceless value of capturing moments through photography. As a professional dog photographer for 4 years, I’ve had the profound honor of helping others capture their special connections with their furry friends.

Through my lens, I capture meaningful images that celebrate the love, joy and loyalty shared between an owner and their dog. Each image aims to freeze those heartfelt moments, offering a tangible reminder of the extraordinary bond we share with our pets.

I’ve crafted a compassionate experience that will provide you with a session with your pet that is unforgettable. Through my Rainbow Session, I will follow you and your pet, capturing images that tell your unique friendship.

If there is a special blanket or toy they love, bring it. Want a special moment captured? Tell me. Let’s create something so personal and special that you’ll smile each day, knowing you can hold on to them forever.