Family and Maternity Photography

This past month or so, I’ve gotten lucky and have been able to photograph two maternity sessions. Not just any regular maternity sessions though; I’ve had two family maternity photoshoots. I LOVE family maternity sessions. These sessions are a way to welcome a new little squish into the family; why wouldn’t we include everyone? 

While I love having the whole family for the maternity photo session, I know it can be a lot of stress and worry on moms particularly. So, here are a couple tips to help the session go as smoothly as possible!

1.      Go with the flow!


Bringing toddlers and/or little kids pretty much anywhere can be chaos. Don’t stress about the shoot being chaotic or that your little won’t sit perfectly still and smile pretty at me. I’ve got lots of tips and tricks in my pocket to get your little smiling at me, and I will play games with them as well. Most kids (and by most, I mean 90% of them) don’t do well with the “sit and smile” so I will only grab a couple of that type of pose. The others will all be interacting with you guys, singing, dancing, playing and being adorable.

Little boy hugs mom in family maternity session based in Berryville, Clarke County Virginia

2.     Do bring a tablet or a toy!

I will focus on momma for a bit so we can celebrate how beautiful you are all dressed up and magically preggo. I’ll get a few photos of you alone, then grab your partner, then the little one. That way the littlest ones don’t get so bored with sitting and playing with the toy, but also not annoyed with taking photos. I’ve found that back and forth works best for this. BUT, you will want something to entertain them for when I have you and partner together so they don’t go running too far off (or is it only mine that runs off?). You can also bring grandma or an aunt/uncle to help if that makes you more comfortable.

3.     Dress up! 

This is certainly a special occasion. Even as a photographer it’s really rare for me to get my own photos taken, so don’t hold back on getting all gussied up. These maternity session photos will likely be printed on your wall, in a photo book, or just on social media. You will love them just that much more if you look and feel your best on the day (as good as third trimester will let you anyway). Also, how handsome will your little guy look in a button-down shirt that coordinates with your flowy dress and partner’s outfit? 

Family maternity photoshoot in Berryville Virginia with a little boy playing with bubbles

4.     Coordinate, but don’t match!

I do send a style guide for families along with your booking package that helps give tips for dressing everyone. The basic rule is to coordinate but don’t match. An easy way to think of this is have one person in a pattern of some sort. For the rest of the family, pick out a color from the pattern for each. That way everyone is an individual but it all “goes” together well. You can also do color themes (you can find so many on Pinterest!). All neutrals that click together, or (my favorites) deep gemstone colors that pop. A gorgeous flowy dress on mom with jeans and button downs on boys or a sweet and similar dress for little girls is always my favorite. You can also go the opposite way if you’re more comfortable being casual. Jeans for everyone, barefoot and then coordinating button downs shirts: it’s all in how you feel! I will suggest to make sure that the belly is seen in some way; whether it be a tighter top or dress or an opened button-down shirt. Something must show the new baby that is coming! Another tip I will always suggest: stay away from all white or all black outfits. White will reflect the colors around you, and black can make people “disappear” in shadows where you cannot see where one person ends and the other begins. 

5.     Bring some props! 

Little sign boards that say “promoted to big sister”, bundles of flowers, a sonogram photo, special stuffed toys or anything else that you’d like. I love incorporating these props, and if they are sentimental to you it brings just one more part of you to your photos.

Family photographer based in Winchester, Virginia.  Little girl hugs close to mom's pregnant belly to hear baby

Family maternity sessions are always so much fun. I love the chaos and play of doing family sessions, then adding the excitement of a new baby with the beauty of a pregnant mom just makes them that much better. Let’s celebrate your new little squish by having a photo session with your entire family. Family photography and Maternity photography together is a winning combination!  I can't wait to edit yesterday's maternity session and get them all posted too!