Pet Photography Sessions

Dog session in Kerneysville WV, sunset and trees behind beagle bulldog puppy licking nose
Dog photography in Winchester Virginia, white spotted great dane smiles at camera with large tongue hanging out
Puppy photograph in Winchester Virginia, close up of brown puppy looking down in the grass with a mlem and tongue out
Puppy photography Winchester Virginia, white and brown bulldog plays with a stick with bum in the air on the grass
Dog photography in Winchester Virginia, new brown puppy sits on grass and looks at camera, ear sticking at angle
Dog photography Charles Town WV, beagle bulldog pup sticks tongue out at camera with sunset and trees behind him
Dog photography Boyce Virginia, mom kisses dog on forehead in the snow, senior dog photography
Dog photography Shenandoah River Virginia, black lab bleps by sticking out tongue next to river
Dog photography Middletown Virginia, man hugs senior dog closely while looking at him and dogs tongue out
Dog photography in Kearneysville WV, bulldog beagle plays with stick in the river with sunset behind him
Snowy dog photography in Clarke County Virginia, close up of dog looking at camera with grey whiskers
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Pet Photography Sessions in Northern Virginia and Shenandoah Valley

Pets hold a very special place in my heart. I learned how to photograph by going to the Winchester SPCA and taking photographs of the animals in the shelter in order to help find them a home. I would go every week and it really pushed me to learn quickly how to manage my camera on pets! Ever since then, while animals have always held a special place in my heart, they then found a place on my camera! Learning with the dogs at the shelter has given me a unique ability to relate to dogs and their fear of the camera (they usually HATE the clicking sound!). I know how to get them used to having the black box in my face and have learned many tricks to get them to "smile" at me and get that perfect shot!

I'm a fanatical pet lover myself. I only have one dog and two cats right now, but if I had my way I'd have a lot more. I know how important animals are to your sanity and how special they are to the family. I've trained one of my dogs to become a therapy dog (he was a Rottweiler too!), so I'm pretty well-versed in dog behavior and am not afraid of getting down to their level and working with fearful dogs. I've worked with many aggressive and fearful dogs at the shelter, and know not to get in their space until they invite me in.

Contact me today to capture the love you have for your furry friend!