End of Life Photography Sessions and Honor Veterinary Hospice

I have the most amazing news! I'm so proud and excited to announce a collaboration between Captures by Kayleigh and Honor Veterinary Hospice!

End of life dog photography joins with a hospice veterinarian in collaboration in Winchester Virginia area

Rainbow Dog Sessions with Veterinary Hospice

When my Kenzie was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy last year, I knew I wanted to work with a

hospice vet to help me make sure she was comfortable in her last days and that I knew what to expect in

the disease progression. She also hated the vet’s office and got extremely car sick to the point I could

not take her in the car for 5 minutes without her getting sick. This led me to do some research and find

an amazing vet that could help me keep her comfortable, and help her pass in our home where she was

most relaxed. My research in looking at reviews and word of mouth recommendations led me to Honor

Veterinary Hospice. I was blown away by how many resources and the types of information she had on

her website to help with all levels of losing a loved pet.

When I met her, I was then so impressed by her compassion and knowledge. She was amazing and

helping me understand the disease progression and what I could expect. Kenzie took right to her too,

giving lots of kisses and wanting belly rubs. Dr. Girard was amazing at connecting with her and making

her feel calm as she evaluated her legs and feeling where Kenzie had lost feeling already. I felt so very

comfortable and taken care of. Dr. Girard also did weekly check-ins with us to check on Kenzie and how

she was feeling.

Kenzie’s condition rapidly crashed, and Dr. Girard was there to comfort me and help me decide what to

do and to make the impossible decision that it was Kenzie’s time. On the actual day, which she was very

quick at scheduling, I cannot express how incredible she was. She was so calm, patient and loving as I

was blubbering and didn’t know what to do with myself. I was so very appreciative to have her calming

presence as I was holding Kenzie for her last breath. She didn’t rush me or do a single thing I couldn’t

handle. Kenzie’s last moments were serene and laying on a blanket outside with me, which was her

favorite thing to do. I couldn’t have imagined better last moments for my sweet girl than what we got.

All of that said, this experience with my girl has made me very passionate about both end-of-life dog

photography as well as having an experience like we had on Kenzie’s last day. After thinking about it for

months, I finally reached out to Dr. Girard to see if we could join forces and help give more families the

gifts that we both have. I wanted to collaborate with her so that her families have access to rainbow

photography sessions in addition to her wonderful care. I also wanted to provide my silver dog sessions

with a recommendation for compassionate in-home veterinary hospice and euthanasia care. I couldn’t

envision a better person and vet to help me do this.

So, after having quite a few discussions over the last couple months, I’m so excited to announce that

Honor Veterinary Hospice and Captures by Kayleigh will collaborate to offer families trusted and unique

access to these services. I created a special end-of-life package for Honor Vet clients only. I’m hoping

this way I can reach more families that would love to have a rainbow session but that aren’t aware it is

even an option. I didn’t want to collaborate with just anyone though; I’m so very grateful that Dr. Girard

agreed with the vision and thought process behind this. I’m hoping that we can each offer our specific

skills and care to families so the entire transition is as seamless and tranquil a process as possible. I

can’t wait to be able to refer my rainbow sessions to Honor Veterinary Hospice so they have access to

the same serene experience we were able to have.

If you are interested, you can find Dr. Girard at Honor Veterinary Hospice at

https://honorveterinaryhospice.com/, Phone: (540) 249-6049, or Email: honorvethospice@gmail.com

Dr. Girard is beyond wonderful and I cannot possibly recommend her enough. I’m so excited for this

new collaboration and can’t wait so see it unfold!